AIS Vessel Tracking by BigOceanData

AIS Vessel Tracking by BigoceanData

AIS Vessel Tracking

whitespace has a long-standing relationship with BigOceanData. As media partner, over the last 12 months we have significantly helped the global company develop their online presence and tell their story around AIS Vessel Tracking.

BigOceanData takes data from a number of terrestrial and satellite AIS data suppliers and combines this with data from a plethora of other sources to provide vessel operators and port agencies with all they need to understand and manage vessel activity.

The AIS information is displayed against a map backdrop based on Google maps but with full access to global sea charts supplied by C-Map .  A single click takes the user from the vessel icon on the map to powerful information such as vessel activity for the last 72 hours and the last 10 port calls made by a ship.

A full report suite is available to facilitate more detailed analysis of vessel activity, either on an individual or whole-fleet basis.  The production of these reports can be automated and they can be sent to pre-agreed e-mail or SMS addresses on a scheduled basis, if required.

The AIS information is sensitised against weather and seastate information, piracy activity and sensitive areas (such as Nav Area Warnings and Marpol zones).

You can learn more about BigOceanData by visiting their website

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