Filming Subaru WRX STI

On a cold autumn morning, what’s better than getting out and filming a web commercial for a Subaru Dealership, featuring the Subaru WRX STI?

Not much to be honest. Team whitespace headed out in the Mobile Filming Unit, packed full of onboard cameras, safety kit and hot sausage rolls. We met with the driver of the WRX, bright and early and could already smell the heat of the brakes on this awesome rally car.

We had spent time in the weeks before, planning the style board for the look and feel of the shoot. Especially for the stills, which took place with a really lovely backdrop of pine fir trees. Car photography is a passion and this car has lots going on. At first it felt awkward, clumsy and aggressive but within time the camera, and us, started to fall in love with the lines. It was a real pleasure working with this car and we’re pretty pleased with the results of both stills photography and video production.

We shot the video using a combination of onboard cameras and a moving filming vehicle with a mounted camera and operator sat shooting while the car travelled behind. This allowed some lovely tracking shots of the Subaru along the sweeping bends. Staying within the speed limit and maintaining safety at all times, we were able to portray the car in the edit moving faster than it actually was.

You can watch the web commercial here:

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