Blog: Gold Medal Photography

Blog Author: Nick (Director of Photography)

At Whitespace we prefer to collaborate rather than compete (apart from the time SJ put me in my place by jamming 7 jaffa cakes into her mouth). That said, I am loving this report on the processes Getty Images employ to cover the Olympic games.

Taking advantage of every piece of technology on offer, Getty craft a team of photographers and editors who are able to get images from shutter click to published in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

The highlights involve a 7 year planning cycle to prepare for the games, photographers tethering into strategically placed ethernet cables to plug themselves straight into a network and rigorous pre-game planning that sees 10 frames a second coming into a central editing hub.


A staff of 110 photographers, editors and technical staff process 1.5 million images across the games and publish only (!) 85,000 of those, meaning around 1 in 17 photos actually see the light of day.

At peak efficiency they are taking images, editing, adding athlete and competition information and sending out to news outlets within 120 seconds. “Watching these guys work is like watching a musical orchestra”. Hard to argue with that.

Olympic Images Reach Your Eyes in Two Minutes Flat

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